CONSULTATION: The initial consultation allows us to understand your intention for the space, ideas, and interests, so we can cultivate and devise an art program that is the most suitable for you and your budget. In this preliminary stage, we listen to establish your concept and get the creative energy flowing. 

ART PROCUREMENT & ACQUISITION: With our extensive resources of artists, photographers, and sculptors, we will compile a portfolio of artists that seamlessly fit your style and vision for the space. Together, we will cull the selection and discuss placement, as well as reuse and allocation of existing works, to maximize the best value and strategy for you. 

DELIVERY & INSTALLATION: We work in tandem with professional shippers, framers, and installers so your acquisition experience is fluid and handled with the highest standard of excellence. No matter the scale of your project, we manage all the details, from blueprint to installation. 

COLLECTION MANAGEMENT: With that said, our wide range of services go beyond installation to ensure your collection is safe guarded, organized, and fresh. We offer electronic inventory management, insurance appraisals, conservation and restoration needs, as well as art rotation plans to maximize a powerful, customized element of design.